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That’s right, Luna Protein and Cottage Cheese again!

On Tuesday’s I have class from 9:45am-12:20am, and usually do a light 45 minutes on the Precore machine at the gym right after. I had an apple running out the door to class, but since I had breakfast around 8:30am I needed some fuel for the gym, and something to hold me over until lunch. I decided to pack a Cookie Dough Luna Protein Bar. Cookie dough tends to be my favorite protein bar flavor among several brands that I have tried, so I was excited to see how Luna would compare. It did not disappoint! It still had a “protein bar consistency” but I really liked the flavor and the crispy bits in the filling. With 12g of protein and 180 calories, this was the perfect mid-day snack.

I am usually on campus until a little after 6pm, and I am trying to empty my refrigerator before graduation (2.5 weeks!!!!!! WOOH!) so I packed some additional snacks. I have been thinking about savory cottage cheese since my post yesterday, and it is one of my favorite no-fuss snacks. I threw some together for my lunch box with a serving of Dr. Crackers, Fresh Pineapple and Strawberries. I can’t have something savory without something sweet and have half of a pineapple sitting in my fridge that I  refuse to waste, so fruit salad was the perfect sweet treat!

In the mix: ~3/4 cup cottage cheese, hot sauce, cracked black pepper, julienned spinach, red pepper, carrots and cucumber.

Before I finish this post I have to leave you with a confession. I love Tootsie Pops. I have gone through phases where I would have these at least once a day. They never last for long– I always bite through to get to the center. I randomly started to crave a Raspberry Tootsie Pop while I was doing work on a school computer. Thankfully we have a bulk food market at our school with many candy and snack options, so when the craving called I answered. They are simple yet delicious, one of my life’s little pleasures.

I am a very happy snacker today :).

Keeping It Real,


**Finals week is approaching, which means I need many quick and easy meals and snacks on hand. Any suggestions?**


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