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For some reason last night I was CRAVING eggs. I had a very breakfasty day starting with cold cereal and vanilla soy milk with fruit for breakfast and an almond/pumpkin butter sandwich and more fruit for lunch. It was EXTREMELY cold and wet out so I needed something warm and cozy for dinner.  To continue with my breakfast streak and add some veggies to my diet, my dinner solution was an inspiration from Musings of the Granola Girl: Veggie “Frittata” with a Berry Salad. I apologize for the poor quality iphone picture:

Frittata : 3 egg whites, milk, heaping handful of spinach, 4 baby bella mushrooms, 1/2 Roma tomato, 1/4 red bell pepper, generous handful of Parmesan cheese. Whisk together the egg whites and milk and let them set in a small fry pan. In a separate pan sautee mushrooms and spinach. Once the eggs have become firm, top with sauteed mushrooms and spinach, fresh tomato and red pepper slices, and top with cheese. Remove Fritatta  from the pan (the pan I used wasn’t oven safe), place on a lined baking sheet and broil for a few minutes until the cheese is melted and the tomatoes become slightly crisp. Finish with cracked black pepper and hot sauce.

Berry Salad: mixed greens, 4 sliced strawberries, handful of blueberries, ~1 TBS toasted sliced almonds, cucumber, clover sprouts, balsamic vinaigrette.

It was almost like a pizza with an egg base. I let the eggs set up for long enough so the bottom had a nice crispy crust to it, which was a perfect base for the copious amount of toppings I used. The salad was a perfect contrast to my savory dish, and provided an elegant  dinner feel to my breakfast main.

Loving Breakfast,


Do you like having breakfast for dinner? What is your favorite choice?

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