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I live by the motto “never judge a book by its cover”; some of the best things in life come in unexpected forms. I always try to keep an open mind and will try anything once (within reason). It is with this mentality that I have discovered my love for things like escargot and raw fish. I was hesitant to try these things at first, but I’m so glad that I did.

For breakfast this morning I had a bowl of unconventional oats. I used 1/2 cup raw rolled oats, 1/3 cup Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt, 1/3 cup pumpkin, 1/2 of a large banana, ground flax, honey and cinnamon. With inspiration from Catlin, raw oatmeal is quickly becoming one of my favorite breakfast dishes. I did not think it sounded appealing at first, but after trying it I immediately fell in love. It has a better consistency than overnight oats and is far more substantive than granola or cereal. It keeps me full, satisfied and happy all morning long.

Lunch today is also “off the beaten path” so to speak. I packed my lunchbox with a sunflower seed butter, spinach and red bell pepper sandwich on whole wheat with two large carrots, an Empire apple and a super-charge me cookie. Allie sent me my very first jar of sunflower seed butter a few weeks ago and I have been dipping into it non-stop. I have added sunflower seed butter to everything from bread to yogurt, and found that some of my favorite surfaces have been vegetables. In fact, I think the best combination I tried was raw broccoli dipped in sunflower seed butter. Sounds odd, but it was so good. Remember my motto?

Hopefully my day will be as interesting as my food!

Happy Monday,


What is the best “odd” combination you have tried?


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Is it just me or does today feel like a Monday? The holiday weekend threw me for a loop and I found myself running around my apartment this morning remembering the 10 billion things I had to do before I went into my internship at 8am. This time crunch left me little time to prepare breakfast and lunch so I went with a couple of easy go-to solutions.

For breakfast I had the heartiest portable breakfast that I know: A Green Monster Protein Smoothie. I use: 1 large frozen banana, 1 TBS crunchy natural peanut butter, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder, cinnamon, 1 cup vanilla soy milk, 5 ice cubes and ~2 cups of organic baby spinach. I know that this isn’t the prettiest looking thing, but these smoothies are delicious and satisfying. To be perfectly honest, it is basically a peanut butter, banana and chocolate smoothie that I add spinach to. The spinach is oddly refreshing and it never hurts to get some energizing greens in!My lunch was a bit lackluster, but it works. Usually my wraps are so large that I have trouble closing them, this one was a little…well, flat and crumbly. I packed a sprouted grain wrap with hummus, spinach, alfalfa sprouts and grape tomatoes, an Empire apple and an AllieBar.
I like the Ezekiel sprouted grain products, but these wraps do not hold up as well as other whole wheat varieties that I have tried. In an effort to use what I have and save money, I want to finish the bread/wraps in my freezer before making my next purchase.

In other news, I have a confession. Yesterday afternoon I dusted off an old friend:This little beauty has been hanging in the rafters of my garage for about 2 years now. I was a competitive swimmer for my entire life (I stopped after my sophomore year of college) and took up running after I retired from my swimming career. I entered several running competitions, including a half-marathon in the Fall of 2008. I had ambitions of entering a triathlon and received a road bike for my birthday. I rode it a handful of times but alas, my life went in another direction and storage/time to ride became complications that prevented me from training.

My dad helped me fill the tires and she’s good to go! I’m not making any commitments just yet, but I am debating entering a triathlon. I need to make sure that I train properly and learn proper nutrition for the training/competition. I did not prepare properly for my half-marathon a few years back, and it definitely took a toll on my body. That experience taught me the importance of proper training and listening to your body.

On The Go,


Have you ever trained for a competition? What advice/training did you follow?

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My friends, I am sad to report that late Easter night, Mr. Chocolate Almond Bunny lost his head. He put up a good fight, but my strength cannot be matched and I ultimately pried him from his cute little package and did some damage.


My mom reminded me today that when I was a little girl she would find melted/moldy chocolate bunnies stowed away in drawers in my room months after Easter. I would eat all of the other candy but these bunnies looked like art work. They were simply TOO cute to eat so I would tuck them away and  “save” them. My how times have changed. I was so full from a day of eating, but this little guy was taunting me. A hunk of Milk Chocolate with Roasted Almond Bunny Head = the perfect way to end Easter Sunday. Easter just wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t enjoy some of my basket!

After breakfast I helped my mom with her baking and assembled some beautiful Vanilla Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, Green Shredded Coconut and Jordan Almonds. It was such a mess, and there was frosting EVERYWHERE but they turned out to be really pretty. Thank you Betty Crocker for making baking so easy!We went to my cousin’s house around 2:30 for a late lunch/early dinner. (I never know what to make of strange eating times…I usually always have my three meals anyways). My aunt usually has a Russian Easter spread  for her two adopted sons. It is a really nice way to commemorate their traditions through food. She had: Borscht, Beef Stroganoff, Dilled Scalloped potatoes, a plate of cucumber, tomato, carrots and black olives, hard-boiled eggs, Easter Bread and Kelbasia. My mom also brought over Chicken Kiev. I love beets, and I’ve never had borscht so I thought I would give that a try. It was a mixture of beets, beef, potatoes, cabbage, tomato, celery and onions. I have to say I liked it! I had it with a glass of Shiraz and a side of Easter Bread, dilled scalloped potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, olives and a few pieces of Kelbasia (not on plate but you can see them across from me in the picture…I also snagged some of those M&Ms).The dessert table included: Cheese Cake, Chocolate Cream Pie, Lemon Cake, Cupcakes,  Carrot Cake Muffins and Frosted Sugar Cookies. So many desserts for just 9 people! I had a piece of lemon cake with a lemon-pudding frosting, which was really simple, light and refreshing. I also had a bite of one of my mom’s decorated sugar cookies.

A few hours later it was DINNER time. I decided that I could not consider my 3pm-5pm meal dinner, so I warmed a piece of my mom’s Chicken Kiev in the oven and placed it on top of a big ‘ole salad made up of  spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, Roma tomato, carrot, Parmesan cheese and honey-dijon dressing.After I had a gloriously red and juice Empire Apple and then went to town on said Mr. Chocolate Almond Bunny.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, and lots of good eats!!

To Another Week,


Have you ever been to cultural meal other than your own?


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