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To my dismay, I woke up this morning to a torrential down pour. My dad and I were going to go on a bike ride but had to cancel our plans due to the massive puddles that had accumulated. Instead, we decided to go to the local high school track and run. Before we left I had a pre-run banana.

When we returned, “Dad’s Breakfast Kitchen” was in full swing for another amazing Sunday brunch! This lovely omelet was made with 3 egg whites and 1/2 a run away yolk, stuffed with spinach and goat cheese, and topped with fresh tomato, basil and more goat cheese. On the side I had a piece of whole wheat toast with fresh strawberries, honey and cinnamon. Needless to say, I was in breakfast heaven.

While waiting for the rain to pass, I took another stab at baking Super Charge Me Cookies in my parent’s functional oven and they came out MUCH better than my little  disaster last time.

What an oven should look like.

Cookies that aren't burnt!

I used peanut butter and loaded them with dark chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, dried cherries and dried cranberries. I had one for a snack before heading out on a stroll with my parents. I think it gave me a fair boost of energy because I found myself dancing to non-existent music as we walked around the neighborhoods. It is a good thing that my parent’s love is unconditional because my dance moves are borderline embarrassing.

I had planned on returning to my apartment later in the afternoon but was running behind schedule so I stayed at home for dinner. Besides, birthday cake was involved and I am not one to turn down good company and dessert. For dinner “Cafe Mom” was open and we had leftover steak with horseradish sauce, oven roasted sweet potatoes, a mixed green and tomato salad and boiled carrots and broccoli.Today was my mom’s actual birthday so we celebrated with a small cake for dessert.I had a slice complete with MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP (!!!!I have been dreaming of mint chocolate chip and my parents bought some on their grocery store trip. I love them.) ice cream.This concludes another segment of “my wonderful weekend at home”. Gotta love family.

Another Week,


What is your favorite food?

**(I feel like this is the hardest question in the world to answer, but it is something people frequently ask me. I like so many things and have yet to find a food that I truly dislike, therefore; I had a very long internal debate about what was my all-time favorite food. My conclusion: Ice cream. Go figure.)


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My reason for coming home on the weekends= free beer.

JUST KIDDING! But coming home to a sinfully delicious and hoppy Middle Ages Wailing Wench beer adds incentive. My real reason for coming home a second weekend in a row is to celebrate my best friend’s birthday!


My mom will be another year wiser this Sunday, but because my brother and I have work/school on Monday morning we will be celebrating by going out to dinner on Saturday evening. We are going to a French restaurant that she picked out and I am BEYOND excited! I’ve never been to a French restaurant and I cannot wait to engage in a new cultural experience (complete with a nice Bordeaux wine of course 🙂 ).

I drove directly home after work today and sipped on a much appreciated beer with my dad as my mom prepared dinner. For dinner we had grilled steak with oven roasted potato wedges and an iceberg wedge salad with goat cheese and tomatoes in a red wine vinaigrette. Dinner was also served with a touch more beer. IT’S SO GOOD, I SWEAR!

I’m not a huge steak person, however; from time to time I CRAVE it and nothing else will do. I haven’t had red meat in a while and lately my meals have been fairly vegetarian, so I was long over due. I topped my steak with a bit of A1 Steak Sauce and had an abundance of ketchup on the side for my potato wedges. Home cookin’ at its finest! Thanks mom!

After dinner I proceeded to clean the kitchen. Fun Fact: I’m a freak about cleaning the kitchen. It doesn’t even have to be my own. I have been known to  obsessively do the dishes at dinner parties.

When I finished, I desperately searched the freezer for my favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream but there was none to be found.  I debated baking brownies but it was nearly 9pm. What is a girl with a sweet-tooth to do? IMPROVISE. I mixed ~1/3 cup Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt with 1 heaping tsp of Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa powder and then added a mound of chopped strawberries and cinnamon to the bowl. Not quite ice cream but still delicious!

I’ve been awake since 5 AM and I’m exhausted. I think a ritual Farmer’s Market Saturday trip is in store for tomorrow (weather permitting), so hopefully I’ll be meeting you at the market!

Happy Weekend!


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I made it home today safe and sound. It is still a chilly 35 degrees here, but the sun is shining and the sky is perfectly blue, so no complaints! On my way home I picked up a loaf of  Pecan Raisin Sourdough for my parents at the bakery: I love this bread. Over the summer, I was able to sample it  a few times as the bakers perfected the recipe. Now that they have it down, it is a “weekend” bread that they make from scratch on Saturday. I got there around 8:30 am to pick out the perfect loaf and say goodbye to my coworkers before heading home. I’m only an hour and a half away, so the bread was extremely fresh and delectable when I got home. The crust still had the perfect crunch and the inside was soft and flavorful. HEAVENLY! My parents and I toasted up some slices, sipped on coffee (decaf..it’s still Lent, but I feel so great being caffeine free!)  and caught up. After doing massive amounts of laundry and running errands with my dad, I snacked on a  Banana Bread LaraBar.I love Larabars, but was not so impressed with this one. It has dates, banana and almonds, and I think it would have a much better taste if they used walnuts. I brought home some PB&J Larabars for my NYC car ride on Tuesday,  so I was happy to try this one today.

I was so tired from the drive and have had very little sleep in the past few days so I decided to take a nap….well, in all honesty I fell asleep watching the Syracuse Basketball game on TV. I was so comfortable my eyes naturally shut! When I woke up, my brother came home and we went to church . It is always nice coming home and going to church, it reminds me of my childhood and humbles me, making me feel grateful for the life I have. After church we had our usual family birthday dinner. We started with warm bread with a dipping oil, a bottle of Lapostolle Cabernet Sauvignon and a Maytag Blue Cheese Salad with mixed greens, red grapes, walnuts and balsamic:

Lapostolle (you can see the dipping oil but we finished the bread so no picture)

Always have to smell the cork

Maytag Blue Cheese Salad

The bread was warm with a soft interior and crunchy exterior,  just how I like it. This wine was especially good with the blue cheese. It was a very dry Cabernet, and you could detect oak, red currents and blackberries in its scent. After reading the bottle, I discovered that this wine is aged for 10 months in small oak barrels. The salad was not so great. I’ve been to this restaurant before and have had better. The greens were wilted and overdressed. It was overly concentrated with blue cheese and had only a few pieces of grapes and walnuts. Despite this disappointment all of my woes were carried away when my main course came out: Grilled Harpooned Swordfish with garlic mashed potatoes, ratatoullie and a port wine reduction.

Pretty Plating

The swordfish was so tender, and succulent. The hearty, yet light flavors of the garlic mashed potatoes and the delicate ratitoullie garnish worked wonders with the meaty fish. Surrounding the meal was a port reduction, which was the perfect “sweet” component for the savory dish. I finished every last bite, and could not have been more pleased with my order!

Earlier in the day we decided to get desserts from our local grocery store so we could enjoy dessert at home and open gifts. I decided to get a Mixed Berry Trifle and my brother  Peanut Butter Cup Pie:Hers


As good as the dessert menu at the restaurant sounded, I was happy to come home, put sweat pants on and relax a bit before dessert. My dessert had a layer of chocolate cake topped with chcoolate pudding, whipped cream and fresh berries. The cake part was not too heavy, and absorbed the chocolate pudding. I was happy that the main element of this dessert was cream because  I am all “cake-ed” out from my birthday week. My brother isn’t really a dessert person (I know sad, but he didn’t inherit my sweet tooth or love of food.) so we decided on these desserts intead of a  birthday cake. Plus, my entire extended family is coming over tomorrow for MORE celebrations and my mom ordered our usual cakes (mine: Strawberry Whipped Cream, Brothers: Chocolate Chocolate ButterCream), so this was a good way to mix up my nightly cake ritual.

I’m SO stuffed! Off to bed then yoga with my mom in the morning. I’ll be sure to post tomorrow, and won’t forget to add a picture of the strawberry whipped cream cake I have been taking about!!

Glad to be Back,


What is your favorite part about coming home?

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ENTER MY BIRTHDAY CHOBANI GREEK YOGURT GIVEAWAY3/1-3/8: https://livelifeeatright.wordpress.com/chobani-give-away/

A few exciting things have happened since I last posted, so I thought I would do a little midday report. After my first class I went to the gym and completed a 4.22 mile run on the treadmill! I was so proud, and had to add the .22 in honor of my birthday. I was supposed to have lunch after with my best friend, who ended up over sleeping (yes, I am the only one that wakes up before noon in college). I had class in an hour so I grabbed a quick PB&J Larabar in honor of National Peanut Butter Day, an apple and a Vitamin Water. I was extremely excited after class because I had a notification email saying that a package was waiting for me at the post office!! What could it be, a birthday surprise?

A World of Antioxidants

It was indeed a pleasant surprise, right in time for my birthday! A sample of Crofter’s Superfruit Spread featuring 4 continents and 10 superfruits, “A World of Antioxidants”. Thank you JJ at Crofters for making my day even more special, I can’t wait to try these!!!

I came home after class to another surprise. My remorseful roommate who bailed on lunch had made me a cake and decorated our apartment.I guess I’ll forgive her. Knowing that a LaraBar and fruit is not a substantial lunch, I made a small mixed veggie salad and had a red pear when I got back. Yes, I did want to dig into the strawberries and chocolate frosting, but dinner is in a few hours,  and I don’t want to spoil my appetite. Plus cake probably is not a very substantial lunch either, and there will be plenty of dessert eating later :).

That’s All For Now,



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ENTER MY BIRTHDAY CHOBANI GREEK YOGURT GIVEAWAY3/1-3/8: https://livelifeeatright.wordpress.com/chobani-give-away/

I have to start my birthday blog with a big THANK YOU to my parents. I don’t know what I would do without you and I am so lucky to have your love and support in my life. Today is not only a day to celebrate my life, but also to celebrate your commitment as parents and the impact you have had to make me the person that I am today. I love you more than words can say!

Okay, mushiness aside, I love birthdays! I always make it a point to do things that make me feel good, and surround myself with family and friends. Because I am a student, taking a day off from classes is out of the question, so there will be no pedicures or Vinyasa yoga class today but there will be lots of good food and pampering!! I’m starting my day off today with a little relaxation: a 20 minute yoga video and this amazing breakfast!

Fancy Fancy Bday Breakfast

Naturally, I had to make my parfait in a wine glass to add an extra element of luxury. I also had bold DECAF (still going without caffeine for Lent) coffee in my favorite New York Wine and Culinary Mug.  The mix: 1 cup Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt, ½ frozen banana, 3 frozen strawberries, handful frozen raspberries, blueberries, cinnamon and ¼ cup Fruit and Nut granola. I made it a point to buy my favorite granola, BearNaked Fruit and Nut, this weekend plotting a birthday of good eats. This breakfast reminds me of sweet summer time. It is so hearty, elegant and refreshing.

The rest of my day includes class:(, RUNNING (hopefully 4 miles for my birthday!), lunch date with my best friend, cocktails and dinner with the girls at one of my favorite restaurants! There will be pizza, sushi, chocolate and a whole lot of love. I’ll be sure to post the happenings of my birthday later!!

Love yourself,


What is your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?

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